Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why this weekend has been amazing

So far....

1. I got to sleep in. Score.

2. After a quick breakfast, Adam and I walked to Starbucks for some coffee and reading. I live so close to downtown Greenville that I get to walk to places like Starbucks. Or the Saturday market when it is in season. I love it. And, a friend of our's was working at Starbucks this morning and was kind enough to treat us to our coffee. The Lord continues to surprise me and amaze me with people's kindness. Plus, relaxing with free coffee and a good book. It doesn't get much better.

3. Meeting my parents for a movie. My parents are some of the most gracious people I know. They are constantly showering Adam and I with love. We all went to see the movie adaptation of C.S. Lewis' Voyage of the Dawn Treader. When I read through the Narnia stories a couple years ago, this was my favorite of the tales. This movie is a beautiful story depicting the power Jesus has over defeating sin and evil. I yearn for Heaven and for the day there is no more pain, no more evil, and no more sorrow.

4. Baking this amazingly delicious blueberry crumb cake. Once again, thank you Pioneer Woman. I cannot wait to have some tomorrow morning with a cup of coffee.

5. This evening, Adam and I spent a gift card that his boss gave us for PF Changs. When we eat out, we don't typically go to chain restaurants. Mostly because there are so many unique places to eat here in Greenville, and we love supporting local restaurants. However, I cannot deny that PF Changs has some very tasty food. And, I love going out to eat. It makes me feel fancy.

It has been such a relaxing, fun weekend so far, and I am so thankful for that. Work has been crazy these past couple weeks. The winter time is always busy in the pediatric world and this year did not prove wrong. I am hoping for it slow down a bit. But until I go back to work on Monday, I'm going to continue enjoying this lazy, rainy weekend.

Happy New Year!