Thursday, May 5, 2011

The weekend is upon us. Good things will be happening.

Dinner Friday night at Pomegranate. Hopefully on their back patio. Hello pomegranate martini.

Cooking out with friends from work on Saturday.

Celebrating Mother's Day with my sweet parents at their lovely house on the lake.

Saturday morning, I will be heading for the Greenville Saturday Farmer's Market. I have been waiting for its return pretty much since the last Saturday of the season in the fall. Cannot wait for those fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh pasta!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today, I made muffins. Delicious, fresh from the oven muffins.

There was whole wheat flour and strawberries. There was a little bit of lemon zest involved in the goodness also. But, before you start thinking these are healthy muffins, there was definitely butter and sugar involved too. I wanted to add some oats to them too, but the husband thought that would make them too healthy.

Church, and baking is how I've spent the first day of the month so far. It's May! It feels like the year is practically over! Okay, not quite, but it does seem that the months are passing rather quickly. Which makes me think about all the things I'd like to do before the year is over. I have an ever-growing list in my head, but I thought it would help to actually put them down in words. I suppose some are resolutions, but most are just new things I want to try before the year is over.

Here are just a few items on the list:

1. Host a wine and cheese party - adam and i have been wanting to do this for over a year; it's time to make it happen!

2. Make homemade cinnamon rols- i'll definitely be using pioneer woman's recipe.

3. Make fresh, homemade pasta.

4. Complete Couch to 5K so that I can .....

5. Actually run in a 5K, and finish it!

6. Introduce myself to people I don't know at church - I am soooo bad at this.

7. Plant some flowers in our yard. I've been a little resistant to this since we're just renting, but it's time to make this place a bit prettier.

8. Hike a new trail - I've done several here in the upstate, but there are still so many more beautiful trails to hike, many with waterfalls!

9. Visit a winery.

10. Go apple/strawberry/blueberry picking.

This is a short list, but I hope to keep adding to it a little at a time. Knowing myself, if I add much more to it at once, I'll just get overwhelmed. So we'll keep it here for now.

Happy Sunday!