Friday, October 15, 2010

Bon Appetite!

One of my favorite things to do during the week or weekend is to look through my cookbooks and other recipe websites and blogs to figure out the next week's meals. It's okay. You can think it's silly. But I love planning ahead and preparing our menu, looking for new recipes to try and returning to older tried and true comfort foods. Then I make my grocery list and head to the store to get food for the next week.

Many people probably cringe with the thought of going to the grocery store, dealing with long lines and carts. It can be a chore.

I look forward to the grocery store, especially Costco, Publix, and my favorite Whole Foods. Love. Filling up my cart and then bringing everything home and putting it away in its designated spot. It's almost calming to me. Do I sound crazy yet?

So for this week's dinner, we are mostly sticking with delicious, fall-flavored comfort foods.

Pork tenderloin flavored with cinnamon and all-spice with goat-cheese mashed potatoes. Creamy and warm mushroom soup with carrots, celery and parmesan cheese. And the not fall-themed dinner, sunken burritos. Chicken with bell peppers, rice, and black beans. All rolled up into a burrito shell and topped with enchilada sauce, monteray jack cheese, and one of my most-beloved seasonings, cilantro. Oh snap. Deliciousness all-around.

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  1. oh snap is right! Move over Martha, there is a new gal in town named Lisa!! yum yum yum!