Sunday, November 7, 2010

It seems that most of my posts are about food. I love food. I like eating it. I like making it. I love events that involve food in the plans.

So here we are. I have two new bread recipes to share. They aren't my own original recipes. I found them both off food blogs I like to read.

If you're looking for a warm, wholesome, somewhat nutritious, breakfast bread that is perfectly paired with a cup of coffee and a little butter or jam, then this bread is for you. And please read her blog. She is hilarious, original, and makes delicious desserts. And she is having a give-away every day of the month. I am dying to make her recipe for soft pretzels! Oh heavens.

Now this bread. It will change your life. Perhaps that's an exaggeration. If you don't like beer, then don't make it. But if beer is your thing, then please just go bake it now. Serve with a hot bowl of chili, a table surrounded by friends, and good times are bound to be had by all. And when it's gone, you'll wish you had more.

And now, I'm going to watch one of the most beautiful movies ever done. Please weekend, don't go away.

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