Thursday, August 25, 2011

I just ate the most amazing stuffed peppers. Beautifully color bell peppers from the market loaded with lean beef, brown rice, onions, garlic, and a tomato cream sauce. And we can't forget the basil and mozzarella. YUM. Recipe here. I used much less cream than the recipe calls for.

I saw The Help last night. I don't say this often, but it was just as good as the book. Some minor difference, but it really captured my attention. I also think I was the only one in the a theatre full of middle-aged women that did not cry. Not sure how that happened since practically I bawled my way through part 2 of HP 7.

Tonight I helped my husband study for his licensure (you can think of it as boards for pastors). He is brilliant and it blows my mind how well he knows the Scriptures. I think I could learn a few things from him. :)

Fall is almost here!

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  1. You are the best cook ever baby! Thank you for helping me study tonight.