Friday, August 5, 2011

Snippets of Summer

This summer has been very hot and busy. Full of long days at work, but plenty of fun times.

Favorite flowers.
Incredible used book store in Asheville.
Spa at the Grove Park Inn. Pure bliss.
My sweet niece Ally. Can't wait to see her baptized this Sunday.
This building used to be a Saks 5th Avenue. I'm quite glad it's now Forever 21.
Delicious vanilla cupcake at Baked bakery in Charleston. Checkout their cookbook
Best place to get breakfast in Charleston.

My niece and Adam's mom. Isle of Palms, SC.

Margaritas at Juanita Greenburg's. Most amazing quesadillas. Period.
Isle of Palms. View from the balcony.
Homemade pizza and beer.

I'm not ready for summer to be over. I am ready for this heat to cool off a bit though.

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