Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Is Risen!

It has been a long time since I have written. Almost a year. And so much has changed. For one, I'm married now. Whoa. But I can write about that another time. It is Easter day, spring is here, and I've had the weekend off. I was so thankful to be off today. Especially since it's Easter. It is so sweet to worship with friends, and to celebrate Christ's resurrection. It is also good to hear that I am not the only who does not always get especially get "excited about Easter." In today's sermon, our pastor said so many believers respond to the resurrection asking, "So what?" I know that is very true in my life, and so often I am overwhelmed by not knowing how to change that response. Which of course, I can't change it without God's help and grace.

And no, these tulips are not in my house. But I want some.


  1. First of all, today's sermon was spot on. Second of all, we have "wild" tulips growing in our yard--lots of are welcome to come have some bulbs if you'd like :)

    -Brittany K

  2. Lisa is blogging again. One great reason for me to enter the blogosphere!
    I love you baby!...had to say that.