Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My name is Lisa. And I like being on vacation.

And all that comes with it.

1. I got a public library card. I haven't had one since I lived in Charleston. Which was over 4 years ago. It was so exciting to be in the library and choose books to read while on vacation. During the last few years, reading consisted primarily of medical textbooks, and now, pediatric journals. But to read a fictional book again. Oh man is it good. I checked out 6 books. How many can you check out at a time? Oh, how about 50. That's what the librarian told me when I asked. No wonder I couldn't find some of the books I was looking for. Someone is harboring 50 of their own. One down, 5 to go.

2. I went running for the first time yesterday in about 6 months. I can't say that I actually "liked" going for a run, but it was nice to have time to actually go. And it was refreshing to feel the cool, crisp air in the early morning. I miss running, and would love to get back to where I was when I had stopped.

3. Baking. It is not much of a secret that I love to cook. And since I have all this time off, I've had more opportunities to bake. Yesterday was zucchini bread, and it was delicious. Today, I tried a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I know, I know. I have sworn by my cake-mix chocolate chip cookie recipes for years. They are delicious, easy, and most people want to eat the whole batch. But, I wanted to try my hand again at home-made, get your hands dirty, flour-mixing, egg cracking cookies. My house has the sweet smell of cookies now. And the taste? Chocolately. Gooey. Moist. Delicious. I think I'm still partial to my old recipe though. We'll see what Adam thinks. Tonight for dinner, we're making roasted vegetable soup. Yumm. Maybe I'll take a picture of it.

There are other things I am loving about being on vacation. But we'll keep it here for now.

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